Re-imagining formative assessment for early education

Every child develops differently.

Using an Android tablet synced to the cloud, we track the developmental progress of young children and help teachers identify which children need help in which learning areas. Our initial focus is on mathematics and executive function skills.

Easy and Affordable

An assessment tool is only a “tool” if teachers actually use it. Unfortunately, teachers all too often avoid using traditional assessment instruments because of concerns around the cost and hassle of hiring third party assessors.
With Trackosaurus, there are no assessors! Instead, children self-assess by playing games that require little to no adult supervision. This innovative approach is fueled by a combination of behavioral insights and light machine learning.
The net result is that teachers receive reliable, real-time information on how each child is progressing across a range of developmental skills, without having to sacrifice valuable class time.

Meet the team

Anita Sirakis
Art & Animation
Brendon Smuts
Game Developer
Daoyi Liu
Art & Animation
Jerome Makiti
Art & Animation
Justin Huber
Game Developer
Luke Crowley
Lungiswa Khethelo
Masande Notununu
Back-end Developer
Mfezeko Matshoba
Art & Animation
Natasha Chapman
Wilmien Kotze
Art & Animation

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Our office

  • Woodstock Exchange
    66 Albert Road
    Cape Town
  • +27 (21) 409 7000

Are you a researcher interested in learning more?

We partner with leading educational and educational psychology researchers on the design and validation of our game assessment tasks. If you’re interested in learning more about these partnerships, please drop us a line!

Are you a teacher or administrator working with young children who is interested in learning more?

We are currently in the R&D phase of our journey and have not released a publicly-available version of Trackosaurus. However, if you are interested in partnering with us during this testing period, or if you want more information about our development schedule, please get in touch!